Evolution of a Web design

The BCC department's former Web site looked like this:

Goals for redesign: a smaller, more efficient navigation system, a clearer identity that would remain when we left the home page, and a look/images that better reflected our diverse media productions. Needs: 640 x 480 audience, cross-browser compatable.

My TA developed this first shot, but it looked too "techie" for my taste.

Next he created a logo with three curved shapes, and based on sketches, I built an environment for it.

An early version of the top frame. Curves were becoming more important. Still, I didn't love it....

Josh did another mockup...I felt it used too much space for "fluff, and I missed the curves. Meanwhile, I found sites that used curves: Gettymuseum.com, HBO.com, Blackcomb/Whistler.

In progress...

Next I dropped the color background and tried to integrate the logo better.I showed this version to my department faculty, and got some advice: they liked the curvy background, but the logo looked too much like a health care company's logo.

I asked Josh to develop something with the letter 'm' and pixels.

Chris, my next TA, took over and helped me work out some tricky frame coding ( to get the curves to line up properly) and other refinements: changing fonts, adding the entire word "media..." experiementing with pixels.

Here's more focus on the Branding, or logo, elements (See if you can guess how I got these results in Photoshop. Which do you like best, and why?)

Final results of all the mockups: http://www.bcc.ctc.edu/mct/mct2

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