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Working with Images
Information graphics, and other graphic elements
Stock art vs
Custom created art

Freshly made art
  • Custom-created imagery is certainly more expensive and may take a lot longer, but it can also be much more effective in meeting your goals.

  • Custom Photography is necessary when you need a highly specific image: e.g., a shot of your CEO visiting the plant.

  • Custom Illustration is needed when you've got to show just the right emotion, abstract idea or shade of meaning

  • Information graphics are typically created for a specific purpose

  • Choose the right art provider by looking at examples of their work in books or digital format, such as on a website. Does the artist capture the spirit of their subject? Does the photgrapher's style support your goals?

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"Think Different," 1998
Apple Computer ad campaign
(credits unknown)
A great example of a great concept in which the image speaks. To get the expression that conveys just the right shade of meaning, many, many shots are generally taken.