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Working with Images
Information graphics, and other graphic elements
stock art vs
custom created art



  • Photos, until recently, have always meant reality. Even though computers have made alterations and special effects common, nothing else speaks as elequently about the real world as a photograph.

  • The power of photography lies in its capacity to capture and communicate meaning

  • Photos create a sense of immediacy that can make viewers feel they are part of the action or emotion

  • Cropping: a powerful way to shape the focus or drama

  • Scale: large photos can bring us in. Smaller photos lead us through the text

  • Proximity: Take advantage of the emotional resonance of images placed together.

Note how scale and cropping affect drama in the examples below. (6)

pharmaceutical ad
Photographer: Peter Angelo Simon (5)

Dayton's/Hudson's Oval Room
Designer: Bill Thorburn, The Keuster Group. Photographer: Don Freeman (9)

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