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Information graphics, and other graphic elements
stock art vs
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Stock images
  • The main reason to choose stock is lower cost, but time constraints and convenience are also significant factors.

  • Why spend time and money going to Hawaii to get a generic beach and bikini shot, when you can choose from many great stock images?

  • With clip art and some stock photography, you buy a service or collection which gives you the right to use the images any way you want, as many times as you want.

  • With another form of stock, you pay for a single use, priced for a specific purpose.

  • In the past, stock had a reputation for 'canned' or outdated images. There are now many sources of professional, copyright-free photographs and illustrations. Competetion has brought higher standards, and many well-known artists now supply the market.

  • The bargain alternative: antique engravings collected digitally or found in books. Decorative or nostalgic, they can add a spot of 'color' or interest. Customize by combining or adding color.

I searched for 'Hawaii' and 'couple' at and got several thousand hits, or images, to choose from.

Not just decoration: This poster exploits copyright-free engravings in unique ways that support the message. (9)
LEFT: from "Clip Tips: people #2"
Most clip art images are not as dated at this one (although nostalgia is hugely popular as we close the century).

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